Medical records


Medilife’s experience in the digitalization of medical records allows us to be present today, as a qualified and reliable partner, in numerous ASL and hospitals.

From analog to digital format

Medical records and documents

Art. 22 paragraph 2 CAD guarantees the ability to digitize medical records and documents while maintaining the validity of the copy compared to the original.

At Medilife we help hospitals to deal with the digitalization process of medical records, eliminating the problem of storage.

We integrate the notarial certification for replacement archiving and take care of the certification and digital preservation process.

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Documents and hospital medical records

The benefits of digitization

The digital copy of the document or medical record can be distributed in a faster, cheaper and more effective way than the paper copy, also eliminating the problem of warehouse storage.

The replacement archiving of documents and digital medical records allows, in compliance with the provisions of the law, to destroy the paper originals, subject to the creation and approval of the digital files.

Medilife digitization is possible for any type of document.

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