Information Technology

IT – Information Technology Division

Service integration, Networking e Security

Fleet, Project, Facilities management

Building automation, Design and IoT

We offer tailor-made IT services for businesses, with systems that allow you to optimize and speed up business processes with significant cost savings.

Flexibility and security

Service Integration

The approaches and tools for integrating information systems are a crucial step that allows companies to field new business strategies and reduce time-to-market.

Our Medilife team helps companies understand the right way to align with national and international regulations, to offer complete data protection in technological and legal aspects.

The aim is to face the competitive scenario with greater flexibility and security in the use of information.

“Our goal is to bring value to companies that seek to improve their quality of work, making infrastructures more efficient and performing”.

The organization and IT architecture must always be ready to change and incorporate new skills and features.

We ensure that our customers data centers are always in production, carrying out projects that protect operational continuity, increase efficiency, enhance the quality and reliability of the services provided.

Functional, efficient, sustainable IT infrastructures, but above all, open to the evolution and management of new application and service needs, it is the basis for successfully facing current and future market challenges”.

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Complex, innovative and integrated solutions

Networking and Security

We implement and maintain heterogeneous LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi networks of the Enterprise and DataCenter type, without neglecting the aspects relating to Perimeter Security, Mobility, and Unified Communications.

We offer our customers many different services, from Structured Cabling to Traffic Engineering, and from Business Continuity to Disaster Recovery, Project Management, Specialist Consulting and Assessment.


  • Structured Wiring
  • Routing, Switching and Wi-Fi
  • VoIP and Videoconferencing
  • Strong Authentication, NAC, Traffic Engineering and Analytics
  • Balancing, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • QoS, SDN, SD-WAN
  • Perimeter Security


  • Specialized Consultancy
  • Planning & Design
  • Installation, configuration and integration
  • Operational Presidium
  • Management in operation, Change Management & Migration Support
  • Managed Services (MSP / MSSP) Training
  • Assistance and Maintenance 24 × 7, Smart NOC / SOC

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Evaluation, Helpdesk, Remote Control and Presidium

Assistance and Maintenance

The Medilife IT technical staff accompanies you in all phases, starting from the analysis of the initial condition, up to the identification of the most effective solutions and priorities, arriving at the management of the service, both remotely and on site.

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Hardware and software management

Fleet Management

We take care of the management of every specific need of the hardware and software “fleet” of your company, from configuration to monitoring up to remote control, through services of:

  • Desktop Management;
  • Asset & Configuration Management;
  • Monitoring;
  • Remote monitoring

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Project-oriented management

Project Management

In complex projects, Medilife supports the customer with a complete project management service for the management of the individual service assets that make up the project.

Our team of qualified professionals represents a valuable and reliable asset to help companies deal with the development of each project in a quick and organized way.

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Physical environments and plants

Building Automation and Facilities Management

We manage physical work environments and connected systems through tailor-made solutions to improve productivity.
We optimize spaces with a complete building automation and facilities service:

  • Development and customization of centralized management interface;
  • Automation systems design;
  • Design and execution of redevelopment and regulatory compliance works;
  • Management, operation, maintenance of the plants.

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Integrated solutions

Infrastructure and IoT design

We analyze the needs of our customers to provide integrated hardware and software solutions, with proprietary solutions.

We provide integrated IoT systems that connect the digital world with highly technological physical products, to guarantee our customers maximum competitiveness and efficiency in the management of all production and business operations.


Metamorphosis: Medilife’s advanced IOT platform for digital transformation

Based on modern technologies such as NoSql, containers, edge-tocloud, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence. Metamorphosis enables companies and industries to connect, manage and upgrade all legacy and next generation devices and sensors. Ingest, process, enrich, analyze and extract information from data. It allows the distribution of micro-gateways for the digitization of existing infrastructure (even if not IOT ready) or a wide range of IOT ready sensors that can be directly inserted into the platform.


Energy Management System IoT: the platform that facilitates the use of technologies

Energy Management System is an open platform, capable of making an infrastructure intelligent and facilitating the use and optimization of technological components by people.


Fire Fighting IoT

Medilife’s IoT technology is combined with Fire Fighting through a network of sensors and actuators that collect and analyze data from fire systems in real time.

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and fault detection in the fire-fighting system
  • Reduction of extraordinary interventions and cost reduction

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