Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Networking Operation Center (NOC)

Security Operation Center (SOC)

We protect your business by defending computers, devices, networks and electronic systems from cybercrime and malicious attacks such as phishing, data theft, introduction of viruses and malware.

How we operate

In Medilife we analyze in advance every possible attack scenario, planning updates in the company security policies over time and in a timely manner

Thanks to our consolidated skills, we are able to offer defined solutions for our customers based on their specific needs also through partnerships with market leaders.

New technologies and IT tools for corporate life

Networking Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC)

The evolution of business processes through the use of new technologies and IT tools, brings with it great benefits, but also new challenges.

Ensuring that business applications always work satisfactorily and that data are protected to safeguard the company’s competitive ability and reputation are our priorities.


In Medilife we guarantee system operation, optimal network operation and data protection.

To support our customers we have implemented the SOC and NOC services guaranteed by Medilife with continuous operation and availability 24/7.

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