U.A.S. Unmanned Aircraft System


Aero photogrammetry

Thermography & 3D reconstructions

We offer companies and individuals a fleet of high-performance drones for inspection, aero photogrammetry, thermography, advertising and 3D reconstruction services through S.A.P.R. (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), with ENAC certified pilots.

Aerial and thermographic inspections

Inspection of photovoltaic fields

To conduct basic checks on photovoltaic systems, the use of a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera is effective. It allows for aerial and thermographic inspections to identify problems and malfunctions not visible to the naked eye.

Thanks to an external monitor, the customer has the ability to see the inspection and subsequent analysis of the images in real time.

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High resolution movies and photos

Building and industrial inspections

Thanks to the help of a professional drone, it is possible to inspect, recreate and process high-resolution videos and photos with relatively low times and costs, even in places that are difficult to reach by humans.

Video inspections of building and industrial structures allow you to assimilate information in detail, for possible maintenance and speed up inspections during the design phase.

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Plan and measure soil specifications

Aero photogrammetry in precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is a particular cultivation strategy based on soil analysis and subsequent graphical representation.

The S.A.P.R. allows the acquisition of high-resolution images that can be used to plan and measure all the soil specifications in a centimeter way.

Thanks to our professional drones we guarantee professionalism and precision in every single aerial photogrammetric operation.

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Document or intervene in delicate situations

Landscape or precision thermography

Thermal imaging has marked a turning point in the inspection and security sector.

Thanks to a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera, it is possible to instantly identify any problem such as heat loss.

All this must be implemented in landscape use to locate heat fields in the soil or outbreaks after a fire.

The aerial thermographic service implemented, thanks to a high-definition camera, allows documenting and intervening in delicate situations such as anomalies due to thermal radiation to land or buildings.

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Ultra-realistic 3D graphics processing, modeling and reproduction

3D reconstruction of buildings and monuments

Thanks to our team of graphic designers and architects, we create three-dimensional graphic reconstructions with real measurements.

We use state-of-the-art software to model virtually any type of object.

Our company provides the ability to 3D print the elaborate in color up to 500,000 PANTONE shades with an exceptional rendering quality of the models.

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